First Session



I am currently a student of the University of Mauritius, exploring the world of IT.

In my first class of Techniques of Photography and Video Editing i was designated to create a blog

Soo heeereee I am!

In this first session I learnt about the History of photography, the definition of photography, the types of cameras and accessories, analogue and digital photography. The class was interesting and captivating. As photography is based on different perspectives.

What do i understand by aesthetics? It is entirely how a picture can be appealing to the eye and triggers a certain emotion.

A picture can be esthetically beautiful by changing it’s originality with elements like filters, angles, lighting, lines, perspective, textures, shadows, colors.

Pictures that really mark me are those involving nature (landscapes, beaches, moons, sunsets) I find it so mesmerizing and soothing. I just wish to jump right in the photo and be in that moment.